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Learn more about how we became to be.

AnaMargret Sanchez and Fred created Paraveda Meditation™ back in 2014 because their yoga students were eager to establish a regular meditation practice. The challenge was the students didn't have the time to visit our yoga studio for meditation classes every week.

For this reason Fred & AnaMargret decided to create an online guided meditation program (#guidedmeditations #onlinemeditations) that could be enjoyed from the comfort of home and accessed whenever convenient to their meditation students.

The goal of Paraveda Meditation™ is to guide you through a methodical process of relaxation, healing, transformative practices so that you can thrive and cultivate greater peace and happiness in your life.

Paraveda Meditation™ mission is to empower every individual in their quest for peace (#peace #happiness), happiness and health through meditation so that they can live their best life.

Their program offer 5 Tracks - Relax, Heal, Transform, Thrive & Peace. For optimal benefit, the program combines gentle stretches (#asana), breathing exercises (#pranayama), progressive relaxation techniques, visualization exercises and a wide variety of meditation practices that serve different purposes. Each track builds upon the prior one and offers a daily guided practice that is simple and highly effective.

Their program is delivered in a non-secular way, so that anyone can enjoy it. It's meant to benefit beginning and advanced meditators alike. By the end of the program, you'll be able to personalize your own meditation practice, to meet your individual goals and needs.

They also offer "live" online events and workshops that complement our program. Check out the "Events" page to learn more.

Enjoy the infinite benefits of meditation!


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